From surviving bombing to supplying bombers

November 11, 2023Real lives

This remembrance weekend we honour the memory of our longest living member, Joyce Wrigley. The second half of her 102 years were spent in Margate after the Second World War largely shaped her life. Here’s her story. Born in West Ham, Joyce came from sturdy Somerset stock. Her grandfather mined tin and gold, ending up … Read More

On the run

March 28, 2023Real lives

As for many others, the student lifestyle appealed to Jacob. Away in London on a film course he felt free from the shackles of his parents’ expectations. As far as his upbringing was concerned, Jacob seemed to be a Christian. He’d been attending services each week and involved in different church activities. However, at home … Read More

Under a new king

October 11, 2022Uncategorized

Things happened so fast. “The Queen is dead, Long live the King!” Now with funeral over and mourning ended, we are growing accustomed to life in the reign of Charles III. Our money is changing and our post boxes will change. There is no going back. This sudden experience is like becoming a Christian – … Read More

What is she thinking?

May 31, 2022Uncategorized

Seventy years is a lot to reflect on. Our queen is a very public figure with very private thoughts. What might she be thinking as she looks back on her reign? There will be precious memories. The births of Andrew and Edward. Her silver and golden jubilees. Visits to the commonwealth and beyond. Years with … Read More

How much is a life worth?

March 1, 2022Uncategorized

Not much, if you are Vladimir Putin. His shelling and cluster bombing of civilian areas suggests scant regard for the life of his opponents. Even his own soldiers are expendable, sacrificed as pawns in a bigger game. A mobile crematorium follows them into battle. Little wonder that morale amongst Russian conscripts is low. We instinctively … Read More

If only I could control my memory

November 11, 2021Uncategorized

Memories are precious. The older we get, the more we seek to revisit our happiest days in our mind’s eye. Once there were only a few framed photographs to help a person conjure up a bygone day. Today’s children will have a deluge of digital photos to swipe through and videos to watch. Memories can … Read More

“He gave his life . . . so I could live”

March 23, 2021Real lives

Guest post by Hicham, a Christian from France. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the heroic act of the 44-year-old Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame. On March 23rd 2018 Arnaud undertook one of the ultimate acts of bravery when he offered up his own life to save a hostage in a supermarket terror attack in southwest France, … Read More

Did Darwin make atheism credible?

March 8, 2021Big questions

British evolutionary biologist, Prof. Richard Buggs, makes a carefully considered case regarding evolutionary chance. Using his son’s brio set, he outlines why Darwinian scientists are wrong to downplay their dependence on luck. If so much luck is needed, are there reasons, beyond the scientific evidence, why people are reluctant to consider intelligent design? If you … Read More

A life-changing wartime Christmas

December 8, 2020Real lives

Crouched down, seasick and cold, Albert Hewitt peered into the dark Atlantic night.  Any enemy submarines around?  With swell as high as the dummy funnel he’d climbed, he couldn’t see much.  At 4am, the end of his four hour watch, Albert found himself unable to descend, so spent another miserable four hours up there.  What … Read More

One wartime weekend

August 13, 2020Real lives

Emerging from her Covid-hibernation in time for her ninetieth birthday, Rita remains a lively character.  Welcomed into the world as the source of a few more union pennies during the bitter miners’ strike, Rita’s resilience no doubt owes much to her Lancashire roots.  But it was events from her school-leaving weekend, aged 14, that have … Read More