Things happened so fast. “The Queen is dead, Long live the King!” Now with funeral over and mourning ended, we are growing accustomed to life in the reign of Charles III.

Our money is changing and our post boxes will change. There is no going back.

This sudden experience is like becoming a Christian – life under a new king.

Christian conversion is not merely turning over a new leaf. People can – and do – change their behaviour for the better without reference to anyone else.

Nor is it merely undergoing some kind of religious experience leading to a feeling of internal serenity. Many experience that through practices like yoga.

According to Jesus, conversion involves coming under him as king. That means dethroning the old monarch – ourselves.

Jesus told a story about people’s reactions to a new king. Some were determined to reject him: “we do not want this man to reign over us” (Luke 19:14). Some express this feeling towards Charles today.

The Bible describes people coming to know Jesus as the one who died for their sins, rose again and went up to heaven to reign. Thomas bowed before him as “my Lord and my God” (John 20:28).

The change of ruler in our heart can happen in an instant – when a person prays for forgiveness and asks Jesus to be their king. Jesus called on people to repent: to turn from their own way and follow him as king. He called them to believe in him, to seek his forgiveness and trust in him totally.

Here is the story of one man whose life was changed one day when he came to know Jesus as his King and Saviour.

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