“He gave his life . . . so I could live”

March 23, 2021Real lives

Guest post by Hicham, a Christian from France. Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the heroic act of the 44-year-old Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame. On March 23rd 2018 Arnaud undertook one of the ultimate acts of bravery when he offered up his own life to save a hostage in a supermarket terror attack in southwest France, … Read More

Did Darwin make atheism credible?

March 8, 2021Big questions

British evolutionary biologist, Prof. Richard Buggs, makes a carefully considered case regarding evolutionary chance. Using his son’s brio set, he outlines why Darwinian scientists are wrong to downplay their dependence on luck. If so much luck is needed, are there reasons, beyond the scientific evidence, why people are reluctant to consider intelligent design? If you … Read More