Helpful resources

"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." (2 Peter 3:18)

Here are resources that should help a believer seeking to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We are not necessarily endorsing everything a particular speaker or author states in these or other resources. As always, we encourage the active discernment of the Bereans; to examine the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11).

Ligonier teaching series

Ligonier are currently giving free access to teaching series pitched at ordinary believers.  Try:

Classic Sermons

Martyn Lloyd-Jones brought many to a big view of God and appreciation of his glory, which transformed their lives. A huge sermon archive is available. To whet your appetite for his large series in Romans and Ephesians, try this short series on being Face to Face with Christ.


For the Christian, meditation requires filling the mind not emptying it. One Hebrew word means murmuring, saying something over and over again.  The Learn Scripture website provides a simple, effective and (for the young at heart) fun way to memorise Bible verses and the Baptist Catechism.  This helpful summary of Biblical truth, explained here, is a light edit of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Bible teaching series

Paul Washer, from Heart Cry missionary society, has provided helpful short studies in Proverbs.


Well-read audiobooks bring classics to life and can make older works more accessible.  Here’s four to try

  • Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis) is currently free
  • ‘Spurgeon’s Autobiography’ is packed with amazing stories and free with a free trial. Very uplifting.
  • Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress is available with one reader (free) or dramatised
  • Bunyan’s Holy War (said to be the greatest allegory ever – except Pilgrim’s Progress) is also available

Well read?

What does it mean to be well read?  Ecclesiastes 12:12 reminds us that “of making many books there is no end.” Judging by the number of books available we have an embarrassment of riches. Judging by their quality we have a deluge of mediocrity.

To be well read we must select quality books and read with deep engagement.  Below are some suggestions of books that are worth your while.

Christian Books

The first book in each section below is available free online. The others link to Christian bookshops wherever possible. Why not select one from a section you wouldn’t usually be drawn to?

Issue: Youth

This short book gives punchy advice. Ryle speaks particularly to young men but young women would find him helpful too.

Issue: Guidance

Ferguson cuts through much of the subjectivity in this area, giving a very helpful Biblical perspective.

Issue: Bible's Reliability

One of today’s top New Testament scholars assesses the evidence.  He presents robust arguments that ordinary people can follow.


Highly engaging.  Both volumes available.

Fairly short, extremely challenging.

The story of a remarkable woman whose husband was a pioneer missionary to Burma.  Adoniram Judson’s story is told in the outstanding biography, To the Golden Shore.

How a young man left a prestigious medical career and saw a mini-revival in a Welsh industrial backwater.


A classic reference work from the early twentieth century.

Highly accessible summaries of key doctrines, each about two pages in length.

Relatively brief, precise and profound explanation of God’s unfailing plan of salvation. Murray shows how Christ accomplished salvation and the Spirit applies it to people’s hearts.

Comprehensive, conservative and readable.


Simple, clear and helpful comments that have helped generations of believers.

Brief and insightful commentary, suitable for Quiet Time use.


Motyer on Amos in the same series also brings a lesser known book to life.

A readable big-picture survey of a vivid book.

Issue: Purity

Ryle said open sin killed its thousands, and secret sin its tens of thousands. Here is helpful counsel for those who desire purity of heart and thought.

Issue: Marriage

Books on marriage abound. This heart-focussed one is more helpful than most.

Issue: Baptism

This careful treatment avoids attacking straw-men and urges its readers to place Biblical teaching over church tradition.


Vivid allegory of the struggle for Mansoul both before and after conversion. Powerful insights regarding the battle with indwelling sin.

“Be killing sin or it will be killing you” and other insights in this version with modernised language.

Packer has mined the Puritans and summarises their thought by topic in self-contained chapters.


Encouraging biographical sketches of leaders in eighteenth century revivals like Whitefield, Wesley, Grimshaw and Rowland.

Accessible survey of Church History with pictures.

Very significant book that exposes the tragic results of the failure of the Reformers to apply Biblical teaching to the idea of a state church.

Thinking it through

Clear and robust explanation that has changed many people’s opinions.

Enrich your understanding of the Old Testament by seeing how Christ permeates its pages.

Carson helpfully unpacks Paul’s prayers, challenging his readers to make their priorities match the apostle’s.

Issue: True faith

Have you grown up attending church services?  Unsure exactly what it means to be saved?  Read this.

Issue: Anxiety

A pastor, married to a GP, gives balanced Biblical and practical counsel to those struggling with anxiety and depression.  Five linked life-story documentaries are found here.

Issue: Covenant

Very helpful explanation of how the OT covenants of promise relate to the New Covenant.  This enhances the reader’s understanding of both Old and New Testaments.