When Covid Stops Cancer Treatment (2/2)

May 21, 2020Coronavirus, Real lives

In a previous post, we heard how Caryll’s life experiences are crucial to her as she lives with cancer.  After becoming a Christian in her native South Africa, she learned about God’s care of her as a doctor on St Helena.  In this second and final post, we find out about Caryll’s time as a … Read More

When Covid stops cancer treatment (1/2)

May 14, 2020Coronavirus, Real lives

A cutting-edge cancer drug had been providing respite for retired doctor, Caryll Coats.  But coronavirus shielding has created a terrible problem.  With a suppressed immune system she cannot attend hospital appointments lest she catch Covid-19 at hospital.  The new treatment that had been preventing the cancer from progressing has stopped.  How does she cope? Caryll’s … Read More