When your saviour needs saving

January 12, 2021Coronavirus

Critcon 3 sounds like something from a Cold War nuclear crisis.  This NHS alert level records that our local hospital is at full stretch. Last February we watched pictures from Lombardy, Italy, with horror.  The new coronavirus seemed to overwhelm its health system; there were not enough ICU beds or ventilators to go round.  Soon … Read More

Here we go again

November 6, 2020Coronavirus

Once bitten, twice shy.  Caution characterises this second lockdown.  Most, especially the more vulnerable, remain cautious about the virus.  But this time there’s a new caution: are we being manipulated by fear? SAGE set out means for “persuasion” back in March.  In bold type they wrote “The perceived level of personal threat needs to be … Read More

How fed up are you with Covid?

August 3, 2020Coronavirus

Grief or personal suffering make Covid very real.  But most of us, personally untouched as yet, are just fed up with Covid. We resent the restrictions.  We want freedom from fear.  We could wish away all the alarmist headlines.  But what can we do? Blame others of it? Now local lockdowns are being imposed, the … Read More

It’s all right – I saw it on the telly

June 17, 2020Coronavirus

The friendly clutch of my forearm took me by surprise.  After three months of stringent social distancing, even the pre-lockdown elbow bump seems a distant memory.  And now I found myself looking down at the genial grandma who had grabbed my arm in B&Q. “It’s all right” she said, referring to me telling my children … Read More

All in it together?

June 4, 2020Coronavirus

Slogans are deceptive.  They manipulate us into thinking something is obvious when it is not.  Take the phrase “we’re all in this together.” Assumption: we are facing the same problem so will act together to solve it.  For a while the slogan seemed to work, but only while people were scared they might catch coronavirus … Read More

Are you secretly loving lockdown?

May 28, 2020Coronavirus

Frustrated bosses are finding some furloughed workers reluctant to return.  With the UK heading for the driest May since 1896, topping up the tan on 80% pay doesn’t seem such a bad deal.  The ONS report gardening and DIY up 147%.  But wonderful weather is not the only reason some people are secretly loving lockdown. … Read More

When Covid Stops Cancer Treatment (2/2)

May 21, 2020Coronavirus, Real lives

In a previous post, we heard how Caryll’s life experiences are crucial to her as she lives with cancer.  After becoming a Christian in her native South Africa, she learned about God’s care of her as a doctor on St Helena.  In this second and final post, we find out about Caryll’s time as a … Read More

When Covid stops cancer treatment (1/2)

May 14, 2020Coronavirus, Real lives

A cutting-edge cancer drug had been providing respite for retired doctor, Caryll Coats.  But coronavirus shielding has created a terrible problem.  With a suppressed immune system she cannot attend hospital appointments lest she catch Covid-19 at hospital.  The new treatment that had been preventing the cancer from progressing has stopped.  How does she cope? Caryll’s … Read More

Coronaphobia: wise or foolish?

May 6, 2020Coronavirus

You know things are serious when a new word gets a definition.  Now coronaphobia has one. Coronaphobia (noun) – The fear of catching Covid-19, expressed by wearing a face mask in public, or simply avoiding public places, public events and public transport. Our government is finding problems with manipulation by fear.  It scared people into … Read More

Whenever you see a rainbow

April 29, 2020Coronavirus

Rainbows are everywhere.  We see them in people’s windows.  We see them on banners.  We even see them painted on hands and faces.  What springs to your mind when you see one? In recent years, rainbow colours have come to be linked with pride flags.  With so many lawyers around, we might half expect to … Read More