Are you secretly loving lockdown?

May 28, 2020Coronavirus

Frustrated bosses are finding some furloughed workers reluctant to return.  With the UK heading for the driest May since 1896, topping up the tan on 80% pay doesn’t seem such a bad deal.  The ONS report gardening and DIY up 147%.  But wonderful weather is not the only reason some people are secretly loving lockdown. … Read More

When Covid Stops Cancer Treatment (2/2)

May 21, 2020Coronavirus, Real lives

In a previous post, we heard how Caryll’s life experiences are crucial to her as she lives with cancer.  After becoming a Christian in her native South Africa, she learned about God’s care of her as a doctor on St Helena.  In this second and final post, we find out about Caryll’s time as a … Read More

When Covid stops cancer treatment (1/2)

May 14, 2020Coronavirus, Real lives

A cutting-edge cancer drug had been providing respite for retired doctor, Caryll Coats.  But coronavirus shielding has created a terrible problem.  With a suppressed immune system she cannot attend hospital appointments lest she catch Covid-19 at hospital.  The new treatment that had been preventing the cancer from progressing has stopped.  How does she cope? Caryll’s … Read More

Coronaphobia: wise or foolish?

May 6, 2020Coronavirus

You know things are serious when a new word gets a definition.  Now coronaphobia has one. Coronaphobia (noun) – The fear of catching Covid-19, expressed by wearing a face mask in public, or simply avoiding public places, public events and public transport. Our government is finding problems with manipulation by fear.  It scared people into … Read More

Whenever you see a rainbow

April 29, 2020Coronavirus

Rainbows are everywhere.  We see them in people’s windows.  We see them on banners.  We even see them painted on hands and faces.  What springs to your mind when you see one? In recent years, rainbow colours have come to be linked with pride flags.  With so many lawyers around, we might half expect to … Read More

Herd thinking

April 21, 2020Coronavirus

Why won’t our leaders treat us as adults?  Many have been asking this question in frustration, as government ministers refuse to discuss publicly how the lockdown will end. It certainly feels like people are being treated like a herd of simple sheep.  Experts hope for herd immunity.  They encourage herd thinking – make sure everyone … Read More

Back from the dead

April 13, 2020Coronavirus

On Sunday afternoon, welcome news came from 10 Downing Street: Boris was back.  The Monday papers were full of our Prime Minister’s video praising the NHS nurses who had cared for him in hospital. Some spotted a certain coincidence in the video’s timing.  Boris announced his comeback on Easter Sunday, when Christians remember the greatest … Read More

The Antidote to Fear

April 9, 2020Coronavirus

Fear often seems the strongest human emotion.  There’s a lot around at the moment.  We ask ourselves: am I sensible to feel so scared about this?  Fear prompts panic buying.  This frustrates us when we find empty shelves.  Fear keeps us social distancing.  This helps us stay safe but makes us feel isolated. We hope … Read More

In the NHS we trust?

April 1, 2020Coronavirus

Applause rippled round the realm on Thursday evening.  Encouraged by the young royals, George, Charlotte and Louis, many headed onto their doorsteps to “clap for our carers.” We are all very grateful for the service and sacrifices of NHS staff.  Appreciation for the NHS is deep in our national psyche.  Medical care free at the … Read More

Sunshine and Lockdown

March 25, 2020Coronavirus

Looking out of the window today there is a big contradiction.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing. Spring is in the air and the buds on the trees promise new life.  But a deadly coronavirus is also in the air.  We call to our neighbours from afar; we … Read More