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Sermons from our Sunday Services are found below.


We are a Bible-centred church who believe that the Bible’s message is true, relevant and necessary for today.  In each of our services, a part of the Bible is explained and applied.

Sermons before March 2019 are found here.  Messages from 22/3/20 to 19/7/20 and morning messages from 25/10/20 to 10/10/21 were delivered via video conferencing due to Covid.

Abraham’s Legacy

December 11, 2022

I Will Go

December 4, 2022

A God beyond Measure

November 27, 2022

The Binding of Isaac

November 20, 2022

City of Destruction

October 16, 2022

Don’t Lose Heart

October 9, 2022

Mystery Revealed

October 2, 2022